22/10: Witnessing Bodies

Space: LPAC 3

Time: 14:00-18:00

Traci Kelly’s work spans performance, visual art, education and research, within an international context.  Together with Richard Hancock she forms the collaborative project hancock & kelly, and is renowned for her visceral and poetic investigations of the corporeal body, and innovative approaches surrounding collaboration.

The Witnessing Bodies workshop shares some of the devising strategies and artistic intentions of the collaborative project hancock & kelly. Central to the workshop are the practices of ‘witnessing’ and ‘giving testimony’.  The concept of witnessing, and how it can be used to generate performance material, will be investigated through a series of evolving exercises.

The workshop utilises short ‘improvised’ body-focused performances to initiate alternative sites of dramaturgy.  As each student performs for a designated witness, who is also the ‘performer-in-waiting’, they shape the performance to follow and initiate the critical dialogue.  Over several processes the authorship of work dissolves and becomes a reciprocal conversation across bodies.

Please note that in order to participate to this event you need to book your space in advance. Please send an email to pkountouriotis@lincoln.ac.uk explaining your interests and motivations.

Traci Kelly will also give a lecture presentation about her work. This lecture is open to everyone. Please read more information here

Traci Kelly

For more information about Traci Kelly you can visit: http://www.hancockandkellylive.com


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