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Call for entries

Second Season

Piracy and the Torrentz of Dance


Introduction- The series

Critical Encounters is an innovative series of lectures, workshops, presentations aiming at leading Dance and Choreography to new areas of practice and discussion. Our goal is to establish Lincoln as a Centre of Dance Development of international reputation and attention. The series is held every Tuesday evening at the Lincoln School of Performing Arts that focuses on an integrated approach to teaching that starts with experimentation and moving practice. The series are curated by Pavlos Kountouriotis, Senior Lecturer at the University of Lincoln.


Second Season’s Theme (January- May 2012)

This season’s theme sheds light on the culture of recycling, reusing, reinterpreting, repeating, repeating, repeating, repeating, repeating, repeating… From sustainable development and ecology, to copyright and trademark laws, from piratebay and μtorrent, to the Oedipus complex, and from Derrida’s repetition and differance to Beyonce’s Achterland, we seek to understand how Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V functions reflect and influence the rituals of (dance) making in the 21st century, and/or how we can make sense of these contemporary practices within the wider frame of discussion.


Call for entries

Option 1: Presentation & Entry to the Publication

We would like to invite artists, academics, theorists, practitioners and researchers from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds to submit their proposal for a presentation. Critical Encounters is committed to enlarging the scope of discussion beyond the realm of dance studies and believes in a cross-disciplinary exchange. Presentations are given in various modes (lectures, participatory workshops, experiments, performances, viewing of films, debates, excursions) and experimental forms of performance lectures are strongly welcome.

The theme of each submitted presentation should abide to the theme of this seasons’ Critical Encounters. Presentations are welcome from the fields of Law, Internet & Media Studies, Neuroscience, Biology, History, Pscychology and other disciplines that can contribute to the discussion.

All presentations will be included in our publication (please read more about the publication at Option 2 below).

Option 2: Publication only

The proceedings of the lectures and selected submissions of Season 1 and 2 will be published at the end this year. This publication is a creative documentation of the lively research culture widening the field  of Dance and is not necessarily peer-reviewed.

The publication can contain term entries, photos, illustrations, academic texts, poems, songs, drawings, board game rules, scores, manifestos, scans and other important information as submitted.

Every year, we invite one seminal artist to provide her/his own artistic input in the editing of the book. The guest artist in collaboration with the curator, will be responsible for the choice of entries, the format and the dissemination of the publication.


Proposals & Timeframe

Proposals are to be submitted according to the timeframe below (note that there is a different deadline for each option. Your proposal should include a summary of your area of interest (no more than 500 words), a small presentation about yourself and, in case interested in option 1, technical requirements and an indication of date availabilities.

Please download the application form from our website: or contact Mr Pavlos Kountouriotis at

The timeframe is as follows:


Option 1 

Presentation & Publication

Option 2 

Publication only

5 Dec 2011 Deadline for proposals (summary only) 21 Feb 2012 Deadline for proposals (summary only)
10 Dec 2011 Results 28 Feb 2012 Results
10 Jan – 24 Apr 2012 Presentations at Critical Encounters
20 Mar 2012 Deadline for final document for inclusion in the publication
1 May 2012 Publication



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