“Automatic Writing” with Ron Athey

Space: LPAC 3
Time: 13:00-17:00 

In this workshop, there is a premise that acts as the starting point, and a fantastical goal: to use the collective unconscious of the writers as a means to resolve the structured text. To not only use the writing machine as spectacle, but to activate processing text, straddling this reality while evoking an alternate one.

The structured text is from Athey’s memoirs; set in the period of his evangelical childhood and specifically,
his training in charismatic gifts and less conventional practices closer aligned with the spiritualist/psychic
phenomena, including scrying, glossalalia, spirit dancing and convulsions, visions, prophecy, discernment,
cognitive dream/and interpretation, and automatic writing.

In his previous performance works, Athey explored automatism in ecstatic voice (glossalalia), movement (walking meditation, channeled movement articulations) and writing, but always the engine rather than the event. This series started as a scene in the operatic duodrama “The Judas Cradle”, in collaboration with soprano/musicologist Juliana Snapper.

Athey’s inspiration for this performance stems from a profound interest in the family and friends of automatic
writing: ecstatic pratices, Spiritualist movements, Andre Breton, Surrealism and Exquisite Corpse writings; along with the cut-up techniques of Gysin/Burroughs.

Please note this event is only available to the students of the MA in Choreography and the BA in Dance (Year 3)


Ron Athey will also give a lecture presentation about his work and his new book. This lecture is open to everyone. Please read more information here

For more information on Ron Athey’s work please visit his website at www.ronathey.com

Ron Athey

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