28/11: Moving Architecture + Paintings that Dance






Moving Architecture

Space: LPAC 03

Time: 18:00-18:30


Dr Marcin Kolakowski, Lecturer in Architecture, delves into the niche of low-tech movement in architecture and finds the links between critical theory, dance and architecture. Dr Kolakowski explains also the new innovative project he is running together with Mrs Kayla Dogan Bowtell for Dance and Architecture Students around Site-Specific Performance.

Marcin Kolakowski


Paintings that Dance

Space: LPAC 03
Time: 18:30-19:00
Translating contemporary dance into paint on canvas.  Painter Jennifer Ellicott discusses some of the issues arising from her painting practice.  Why has the art world neglected this enthralling subject matter?  What are the practical difficulties and can a painterly language evolve to capture dance
Jennifer Ellicott


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