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Dear friends and colleagues,it is very exciting to announce that this coming Saturday, on October 26th, the MA/MFA: Choreographing Live Art of the University of Lincoln presents a mini festival of Dead/Live Art at the Frequency Festival. alien
This mini festival, APOCALYPSE, THE DEATH OF PERFORMANCE is a semi live, semi dead, Zombie creature that will penetrate your imagination and haunt your minds with fears, hopes and doubts about the future of this performance. In the year 2014, this performance will die. Obsolescence will empower a new mythology for the old forgotten event, completing the circle from death of performance to its guarantee. The performers function as mediums and clairvoyants presenting their apocalyptic visions from their residency in France.
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(Dis)remembering: An archive of me and my father
Fenia Kotsopoulou
Studio 1 // 1800-2100
Ongoing installationUsually archives are made to keep artefacts safe, preserved and many times secret. This archive demands the opposite from you. This archive documents my troubled yet intimate relationship with my father. You are  allowed  steal, destroy, eradicate or erase all the data and informations of this very private archive.
In dialogue with William Wegman
Eirini Atmatzidi
Studio 2 // 1800-2100
Ongoing installationThis new media installation foolishly  aims to restore to the human  what was lost when they passed from the state of an ape to the “intelligent” state of humanity: truthfulness in simplicity.   Playing between the margins of reconstruction and transcription, this installation just might put a smile on your face.
The Ethics of Apathy: A Performance Lecture
Vagia Kapousidou
LPAC Auditorium // 1930-2015
Performance LectureVaya Kapousidou , a psychoananalytic  counselor and a live artist, comes on stage to marry her two professions in a refreshing format.   This scientific(ist) performance  is the product of experiments, bizarre  experiences and circumstances. An unexpected journey, one performer, one camera and a disappointing  outcome…

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Setting the Vocabulary

Critical Encounters – Setting the Vocabulary

Kayla Bowtell, Jane Carr, Pavlos Kountouirioutis, Kate Sicchio

Pavlos Started by introducing Critical Encounters first season “Moving the language of dance” that was inspired by Laban`s book “Language of Movement”. This season’s aim is to start thinking about dance differently.

The space has been set up in to three main areas so that the lecturers could say what they are interested in and where they see dance going in the future.

Kate Sicchio is interested in dance and technology in performance such as real time videos. I find this very interesting and even though Kate was just speaking to her audience as she stepped around the space the camera was detecting movements and the real time videos were changing and this kept the audience engaged.  Kate spoke about extending the body though the technology to create equilibrium.

An audience would think about a dance performance as people within the space yet the computers just see movement and it is not about the bodies in the space.

Is Kate a choreographer or a programmer? Does she work mainly with the technology to manipulate the dance or with the dance material to manipulate the technology?

Jane Carr spoke about her previous experiences and where she trained and how she got to where she is today using a power point. She spoke about inner and outer self and embodiment along with-

Body : Mind

Self : Other

Nature :Culture

Kayla Dougan Bowtell took a more practical approach to the workshop I found this intriguing and exciting. It involved audience participation and was a game/ experiment in to sharing her thoughts. 1 participant had to choose a bucket with a flag in with words on there were, resources, experience, dance, participation, movement or write your own. You then filled the bucket with sand throw a bean bag on to the corresponding number to the bucket and made a sand castle. The flag then goes in the sandcastle and you throw a bean bag to where the next participant must stand when throwing the bean bag. The cue for Kayla to share was the sound of the bean bag on the floor.

The most interesting thing I found was resources she said; be open and playful in structuring resources and collecting resources enables other things to be explored and developed.

I was intrigued by all lecturers in some way and found it great how they are all very different yet collaborate together. The word collaborate was brought up and I agree that if you collaborate with other artists you may agree on some things but there is a lot you may disagree on and I think this is the joy of working with other artists, and finding out who you are as an artist.

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Setting the Vocabulary

Kayla Dougan Bowtell explaining the "inner being"

Kate Sicchio explaining her choreographic work as a software programer



Dr Jane Carr delineating the role of Dance in the Discussion of Otherness

A Participant creating her sand castle and flag at Kayla Dougan Bowtell's Performance Lecture


Audience members laughing during a presentation next to the sand castles and the yellow ducklings




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Welcome to our Series of Events

Critical Encounters is an innovative series of lectures, workshops, presentations aiming at leading Dance and Choreography to new areas of practice and discussion. Our goal is to establish Lincoln as a Centre of Dance Development of international reputation and attention. The series of events take place at the Lincoln School of Performing Arts.

With the support of: Lincoln School of Performing Arts, The University of Lincoln.

Project Curator: Pavlos Kountouriotis

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