22/10: Gestures that speak & Collaboration in the Spacings

Space: LPAC  Theatre
Time: 18:30-19:30


Between 2005 and 2008 Richard Hancock and myself, Traci Kelly, were engaged in a game of ‘performance chess’, an investigation into the form and nature of collaboration. A series of six solo performances titled Lone Duets were cultivated, made in turn by Hancock & Kelly in response to the work of the other, each artist grappling for the space between.  The resulting works reveal a series of visceral, intimate, and queer events. Gestures that speak & collaboration in the spacings will discuss the performances from the Lone Duets series: Dermographia 2005, and In Season 2006, Postures A-M 2006, The Mirror Pool 2007, Open Wound (Gag Reflex) 2007, Rupture 2008.  The works operate dialogically as a call and reply between speaking and listening subjects and draw upon Jean-Luc Nancy’s text on Sponsio and Responsio as he declares:

  “To the sponsio of the one responds the re-sponsio of the other. The response is first commitment in return – in return for that which has committed us, or which has committed itself for us, the world, existence, others. It is the exchange of    the guarantee without guarantee to make sense with one another. Mutual oath of truthfulness, without which no speech, no sight would even be possible. Thus, when one responds for, one responds also to – to         a call, to an invitation, to a demand or a challenge of sense.[i]

Further theoretical reference will be made to Jacques Derrida’s spacings and intervals in relation to both touch and language.[ii]

[i] NANCY, JEAN-LUC, Spring 1999. Responding for Existence. Studies in Practical Philosophy: Journal of Ethical and Political Philosophy, Vol. No.1. Spring 1999.


[ii] DERRIDA, J, Translated by Christine Irizarry, Ed. Werner Hamacher, 2005. On Touching – Jean-Luc Nancy. Stanford, California, Stanford University Press.


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