01/10: Liquid Progresses


Space: LPAC 01
Time: 18:30-20:00



This is event is a sharing of liquid progresses that are starting to solidify but are still fluid, permeable and malleable. Read below more information



Presenters Liquid Progress
Amy O’ Sullivan “Post feminist pornography in the work of Ann Liv Young”
Martin Curtis Two lonely people in a dance hall, science and Drama; S & A
A…. You dancin?
S…. You askin?
A…. Your dancin!
A place for science in drama? 10 minutes on impact of cognitive neuroscience and teaching drama
Brandon Loveless   A personal reflection on my work on revisiting Turtle Dreams by Meredith Monk (Performance Lecture)
Daniella Scimeca, Rachel Miller, Ellie Coleridge, Farisai Chitiza  Wags and Slags

An adaptation of Lysistrata set around footballers wives.

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