jbolton  Dr Jacqueline Bolton (2017-pres.)
Jacqueline Bolton is Senior Lecturer of Theatre and Drama in the College of Arts. Jacqueline completed her AHRC-funded Collaborative Doctoral Award at the University of Leeds in conjunction with West Yorkshire Playhouse in 2011. Upon successful completion of her doctoral thesis, ‘Demarcating Dramaturgy: Mapping Theory onto Practice’, she was appointed Post-Graduate Research Assistant on the AHRC-funded project, ‘Giving Voice to the Nation: The Arts Council of Great Britain and the Development of Theatre and Performance in Britain 1945-1995’, a joint research venture between the University of Reading and the Victoria & Albert Museum. She spent a year with this project, working in the archives of the ACGB, before being appointed at the University of Lincoln.
 cbalossobardin  Dr Cassandre Balosso-Bardin (2018-pres.)
Cassandre Balosso-bardin is a Lecturer in Music at the College of Arts.  She specialises in Ethnomusicology, more specifically Mediterranean Music and bagpipes, both of which are informed through fieldwork based research and performance. She completed her PhD in ethnomusicology at SOAS, University of London in 2015, focusing on the anthropology of the Mallorca bagpipes (the xeremies). She is the founder and director of the International Bagpipe Organisation since 2012.  Postdoctoral work led her to work with the Geste-Acoustique-Musique programme (Sorbonne-Universités). With an interdisciplinary team of acousticians, musicians and engineers, she focussed on researching wind instruments and the relationship between the musician and the manufacturing process. Cassandre is also a prolific performer. After many years of performing early music including with the Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles, she then dedicated herself to the World Music scene, performing with bands from different cultural traditions including Italy, the UK, France, Sweden, Anatolia and more recently North-West Africa. She has performed at many international festivals and venues including the Proms, Womad, Cambridge Folk Festival, the Sage, Musicport, Aan Korb BBC festival, Bloomsbury festival, Urkult, Stockholm Culture Festival and Stockholm Folk Festival.
 sklee  Dr Steve Klee (2018-pres.)
Steve Klee is a Lecturer in Fine Art in College of Arts. He specialises in contemporary art, aesthetics & philosophy (espcially new realist and materialist approaches)
Dr Andrew Bracey (2017-pres.)
Andrew Bracey joined the University of Lincoln as Senior Lecturer in fine art in 2007. Previously he taught as an associate and visiting lecturer at many other Universities including Liverpool John Moores, Salford, Wolverhampton, Manchester Metropolitan and Huddersfield. Andrew Bracey is an artist and curator based in Waddington, Lincolnshire. Bracey’s practice hovers on the fringes of painting as it crosses over and expands into curating, installation, sculpture, drawing and animation. He often uses existing sites and the readymade as alternatives to the traditional canvas support for painting, creating tensions between the hand-made and the man-made. His practice-based research focuses on the slippage and overlap between the artist and the curator, as a move into curatorial practices as a creative act and an exploration of parasitical tendencies of the contemporary artist using existing artworks as a host for new artworks.

Previous curators:
Prof. Dominic Symonds (2016-2018)
Pavlos Kountouriotis (2010-12)